two ways to do it??.whitch one is correct?

i have been reading and there are two ways to do the cooling fan mod.
1st way Black wire to ground with a switch inline.
2nd way jump the two wires together with a switch inline.:banghead:

witch way is correct or are both ways good.


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How do you mean "cooling fan mod"? Adding a switch to manually turn on the fan? Adding a second fan?


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what are you trying to do? run your fan all the time or add a second one? it doesnt do any good to run your fan while the bike is in motion, counter productive actually...get out a volt meter and read the 2 pins, if you get 12 volts all the time, then the ground is what is switched on and off...if not then the positive is whats switched on and may be able to get a sensor that turns the fan on at a lower temperature, ask one of the sponsors like schnitz raching as Im not sure on that...there is a manual here for everyone to download it like 500+ can look in there for wich color wire does wich thing
yea did all off that read the manual.i want to be able to control my fan manually just in case i ever need to i don't want to keep it on all the time.i have done it in the past to my gixxer.On here there are just two ways to do it i just thought one way was wrong and one was wright but thanks anyway.


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The fan temp sensor is on the upper-left of the radiator. In short, you just need to "short" the two wires from the fan temp sensor together and the fan will turn on. I used a couple 3M Scotch-Lok connectors to "tap" the two wires and install a switch. Just flip the switch and the fan comes on. Does that make sense? I know I have some pics...I'll need to find them...
Disconnect the fan. Take a hot wire with a fuse inline from the battery or from the fuse box. Hook that red wire to the toggle switch side. With the other toggle post, run a second red wire to the hot side of the fan switch.

Run a ground wire from the frame to the ground side of the fan's connector. You do not cut the bike connectors. You look like a squid once you sell the bike and that mod is there. You pull the toggle off, pull the female/male connectors you used to mod the fan to the fan's wire harness connector.

You now look the pro.

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