two questions

I'm still trying to figure out why the hell you need the grab bar and the hump on at the same time.....oh well, to each his own, I guess.
You're not the only one thinking that.  Too me it ruins the clean looks and makes no sense, the sole purpose of the hump is for stream lining and doing away with turbulence during high speed runs.
Yeah Yeah...most owners rarely if ever top out their bikes and it does serve a purpose when using the seat, but when combined with the hump it's the equivalent of hacking a ricer wing on the back of a Ferrari Enzo.
But as you said, to each his own.
ha ha..i agree...
Hey ZeF, please talk me through your mud flap shortening process, I really like it alot. What did you do?
B&B, here's how i proceeded... Very simple

First i removed the license plate, then i drew a straight line on the mud flap (parallel to the license plate holder) about 2 or 3 inches above the original lower point of the flap (i cant remember precisely but that goes with how short you want it anyway). Then i cut at that line using a hacksaw. That gave me a flap with almost 90 degrees corner, and to make the bottom cut very straight (hard to do a perfect job with the saw) i used a sanding block with rough paper on it.

Then i took a sheet of white paper, drew the curve i wanted to give to those straight corners, cut the paper with scissors and use it as my template on the flap. I did the curves on the flap using a Dremel tool and a sand paper end on it, matching the blending to my paper template on both sides.

When all that was done (in about 10 minutes) i used some fine sanding paper to smoothen the edges of the flap, almost giving it the same finish as before the mod.

Fell free to ask any question if you have any...
I'm with other people against the grabbar&hump together. Looks funny.
It takes about a minute to change off the bar, what's a minute?

Just say no to the hump mod.LOL
That's the ticket, to each his own. If you like the grab&hump together then go for it.
Pacific, you cut your hump but not your mudflap? GET RID OF THAT DARN THING!  
har har....

Yeah, I know. I was just too damn busy riding. That, and I was saving up for an undertail. I'd look at it and go "ick...that flap needs to go!!!"

I wanted to change it out....but I always procrastinated.
I think the grab bar with hump look is fugly. The previous owner of my bike had already did the hump mod though. I mean if you are tired of taking off the grab bar then just leave the seat on. Hell I hate the grab so much I just leave it off even if I do put the passenger seat on.

Gixxers don't have grab bars with their passenger seat, why do you need one? I do like those separated grab bars though, too bad they don't come black. I would leave those on with the hump, that would look pretty slick.