Two Joe's

darth frosty

Not long after his marriage‚ Joe Jr and his father Joe Sr‚ met for lunch.

"Well‚ son‚" asked Joe Sr‚ "how is married life treating you?"

"Not very well‚ I'm afraid‚" sighed Junior. "It seems I married a nun."

"A nun?" his father questioned.

"That's right‚" moaned Joe Jr. "None in the morning‚ none at night‚ and none at all unless I beg!"

Joe Sr nodded knowingly and slapped his boy on the back a couple of times.

"Why don't we all get together for dinner tonight and have a nice talk?"

Young Joe smiled‚ "Say‚ Dad‚ that's a great idea!"

"Fine‚" replied Joe Sr‚ "I'll call home and tell the Mother Superior to set two extra plates."
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