Hi all,
I'm a new member I've owned my busa for about 1.5 years, I'm interested in going turbo and would like to here some do's' don'ts and problems with the busa's engine reliability on turbo' mods needed etc.
You might want to avoid Mr. Turbo kits from all I have heard. If you just want low boost and an affordable 200+ HP, get the Hahn kit. If drag racing and top end stuff is your flavor, go with an MC Express kit. With a properly installed and tuned kit, the life and reliabilty will be the same or greater. Remember that the engine itself will now be running a lower compression (usually 8:1, if I remember correctly).
Andersson Turbo!! There is no substitute! Unless you dont have $7500.00

Mr. Turbos are pieces of poop
Hahn is ok if you want that xtra speed
MCXpress-Great bolt on kit for a little less than the almighty Andersson, but does not have the beautiful polished look to it.
If you go turbo the Hahn kit is probably the best one to go with. I would limit boost to about 300hp if you want the engine to live. You will have to add the spacer plate and reduce compression. If you go turbo make sure you beef up your clutch as you will frag it very quickly if you don't install a billet basket. Busa also tends to fry clutch plates with big horsepower numbers so be ready to spend some money on clutch plates and steel drive plates.
Here is a link to a place where you can ask questions about Hahn Turbo systems. www.azbiketech.com  If your a street rider you will not burn your clutches out all the time, and you DO NOT have to put a billet basket in. We have a couple of local guys with over 10,000 miles on theres with all stock motors and clutches,  that are daily driven with over 300HP. Turbo are the way to go! They are stock as a pussy cat until your on boost then you get a smooth linear rise into heaven! You can go 8 to 10 PSI on the Hahn system on pump gas without spacer plate. You don't have to touch the motor!
I know those guys and they drive like my grandma..............If your going to do it right spend the money on the basket all it takes is one hard lesson and you will wish you had spent the extra money.....................................Besides if your going to spend the big money for the turbo what the hell spend the extra 300 for peace of mind I would..............................
You must mean inner hub because even the NLR Guys use the stock basket in there race bikes as do i with no problems??