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Im new to this list from down under (Australia ) ,Im going to purchase a new turbo system from NLR a gen -1 with engine components
question , is this company trustwrthy and is the system as good as it appears on the web as it is a load of $$$$ I have to get it direct from the US I do land speed racing down here any info would be appreciated
There are a few here that can help you with your questions but I'm not one of them. Just wanted to say welcome to the board.
Absolutely you can trust NLR!!!!!!!!!!! He has an impeccable reputation for turbo busas as well as using only the finest components. Only problem I have with NLR is my salary is too low to afford his stuff... Honestly, I can not imagine you will have any problems with NLR (Seb).
You are safe with the components and service from NLR. I have had only good dealings with Sebastian. Good luck with your project.

thanks for your replies Im ringing them friday to see what they can do for me , Ill keep you posted on my progress
trying to equal or beat the speeds of turbo rick (Yacoucci ) john Noonan ,joe Amo and scott Guthrie , you got some fast guys over there
I'll answer any questions, we have bought 5 turbos from him 3 with 500-600 h.p.. He is a great dude. Btw you won't beat Yacucci he has been 315 on his turbo streamliner, 1000cc busa, yes 1000cc.
Contact Richard peppler at Boyds Racing 1-519-291-2171
You might be suprised at what he can build and for what price. He only does one at a time and they are immpeccable work. he'll email you pictures of his work. And is very well known on other busa boards.
Just my .02cents