Turbo pics.


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Hey guys, I dont' know if anyone has made a thread like this, but post em up people.....I wanna see everybodies turbos...(kinda sounds sexual..
). And list any personal modifications to the turbo you did yourself...

I don't have one so I can't start the thread...


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ive gotta ask how much for the whole setup turbo and what ever else you need to do whats the final price..
(TURBO1320 @ Sep. 03 2006,15:05) Richards OLD Steet Bike, 7.80s @190+ with a 6 pack of BEER in the back.
Nice air shock in the back for leveling.

Although I didnt ever get into small tire bikes THAT LONG

I did have a 92 1100 that I built when I worked for Ward Performance and it would do 8.80's at 165 bottle fed with only an 8" over arm.

One thing I learned with shorter bikes is that I prefer to use the Marvics or Marchesini's in the back but keep a stock in the front to help keep her down.

Nice stuff though, I like.

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