Turbo Nightmare


First of all... Thanks! to anyone who helps me out. It will be greatly appreciated.

I picked up a bike, that had a homemade turbo kit on it.

I've been in the process of tearing it down to be properly rebuilt.

From what I can tell, there is a OEM Garrett T3/T04E 57 trim .63A/R turbo, with a steel header, and what I make out to be a monster of a homemade air to water intercooling system. (Im not sure how this thing even cooled the temps)

I believe the waste-gate spring is somewhere around the 11lbs psi mark.

Engine work (that I can tell) has been .080 base spacer, heavy duty studs, and transmission undercutting with newer shift forks. Upgraded injectors (S2000)
Aftermarket Fuel system, with regulator, and pump.

It has a bazzaz tuning system with the auto tune function.

My main question is what would 11lbs of boost put this engine at, and what will it do to the engine, if I leave it as is.

Will the engine handle it?
Should I upgrade pistsons?
Get adjustable cam sprockets?
Does it need to be intercooled? meth injected?

I know as of now it needs a header, and a new airbox, as the current ones are poorly made.

I'm not new to engine rebuilds, but my turbo knowledge is lacking in certain areas. My kit was a plug and play (so to speak) so I'm not too sure of myself when it comes to this.

Thanks again!
Yeah Im not a turbo guru either but words like home-made and auto tune when it comes to turbo just sounds like trouble to me :whistle: I would start with as low of a boost as you can go and if your pistons don't melt or engine spontaneously combust then tweak from there. Bottom line is you need an experienced tuner to not only figure it out but have it running safely for an extended period of time
#1 - I know that's why I posted here. I mean, I stripped all of the homemade parts off it. The only thing I have that solid is the blow off valve, the waste gate, and the turbo. I'm just not sure on boost levels, with this turbo.

I'm hoping a guru jumps in, and points me in the right direction.
Things don't have to look good to function well, i have seen some pretty horrible looking home made stuff , some of which was a complete failure and some worked great

steel headers can have a shorter life than well made stainless, but can work just as good

any sort of intercooling is going to be better than not unless its something like those cheap barrel intercoolers that have way too small cross sectional area to make any real hp ,

some pics may help