Turbo.. Composite Rotors..

racer 44

Real close to running one more time....

Today we have no spark..not to worry..

[photo 7803].jpg

[photo 7804].jpg

[photo 7805].jpg

[photo 7808].jpg

[photo 7809].jpg

[photo 7810].jpg
The rotors are feather light, amazing.

Ran similar rotors on a 85,000 mile H D Dyna, same pads, zero wear on the rotors. The latest rotors enjoy lug drive as well as superior 21st century composite technology.

Lyndall Racing Brakes.
Call Paul or Jim at Lyndall Racing Brakes..714) 241-9991....

1/2 of a kidney might suffice....

Re: Turbo.. Composite Rotors.. FIRE IN THE HOLE....

We are up and running.....

A few small details then the Dyno Friday evening in San Jose......

[photo 7701].jpg

[photo 7702].jpg

[photo 7704].jpg

[photo 7707].jpg

[photo 7709].jpg
That looks impressive...do you have to swap sprockets on the dyno to find max power or are you just getting the engine safe? Where do you plan on running or what class?
wtf is that thing? i see busa parts, but a big ass v twin is is powering it.