Turbo chrging


Has anyone had or herd of results after fitting a Turbo, one that comes recomended is fitted by HoleShot Racing, reported to produce 450BHP can anyone give any addiional details or had any experiences with these people before i part with my £7000 thanks

For about $7000 you can get an Anderson turbo, which will be making 320 RWHP at 14.7 lbs. Adjust the wastegates, add a Stage 2 and I'm sure you can get 450 RWHP. Having not yet installed a turbo myself, though, I can only offer what I have heard. Get in touch with NLR or Motorhead to get a better gauge of what's out there. Motorhead is currently running about 450 HP/220 ft lb. on pump gas at 20 lbs. boost I think.
haven't heard much about holeshot racing and if they are good or bad. You might try Hahn turbos or Orient express or Mr Turbo for kits. I know for sure that the Mr turbo kit works well as does the Hahn racecraft system both are pricy though. knebnr
The prices vary on the kits:
Hahn system $3,400 Up to 350HP (with modifications to fuel system)
Mr. Turbo  Wouldn't buy, out dated, slow spool, and oil return pump.
MC Express system $5,800 to $10,000 320 to 443HP (Holeshots system?)
Anderson system  7,000 350HP
If your on a budget, the Hahn system works the best for the buck. You can make 300 HP on pump gas and it drives just like a stock bike. No major lag problem, complete linear and controllable spool, even in corners! Contrary to popular myth, turbos don't just come on and go out of control!! You can control how much boost you want even in corners and straights and if the bike is properly tuned drives better down low then a stock bike period!!
For more info on the Hahn system:info: www.azbiketech.com Purchase:www.turbosystem.com
For more info on the MC Express and Anderson systems:
The bottom line is, don't listen to someone who has never ridden a Turbo Busa for opinions, they just don't know! Do your own research for your application.
Either system will work just fine for the street! I know two local guys with over 10,000 miles and long road trips with the Hahn systems, and they run exceptional, power wheelies in fourth, etc. If your looking for 40 more HP then spend the extra 2,300, for MC if your looking for a nice STREET system follow your budget! Either will work beyond most riders needs.
The turbo lag has been improved a lot but even with the new blow through systems lag is still there. You still have to wait for it to spool up. You can build a 200hp plus motor for less than most of the turbo kits out there.............................Just a thought.................Knebnr
:whip: you guys are cowboys! 450hp?????? not in a million years! Never! No matter what mods you'd make, you don't stand a chance! MAYBE, just maybe 300hp, for a short period of time (less than 15 seconds in full-load!) and that's it. byebye busa! get real, ok?
interesting, i have run for six months at 20psi of boost at probably 350 to 370hp on a stock motor with lowered compression at the drag strip every weekend, and not a lick of trouble????????????????????????????
I am buying a busa this winter, and I would like to know what kind of Turbo System to put on it... I am going to be riding the bike 50/50 street & strip. Looking for around 275-300Hp, yet  maintain a streetable bike. so obviously an adjustable system would work well. Have been on numerous websites, and I have read the all the discussions on turbo charging. I am really considering the Hahn Stage I System because of the cost, but am open to suggestions. I mean Hahn wants $3700, Velocity wants $5400, and NLR wants $5800... Why such a difference, and which one is the best? Questions/Comments?
I just want to make the right decision the 1ST TIME! My wife is screaming at me as it is, not to turbo the bike. If I spend $8000 on the kit, installation, a swingarm, frame rake, etc. Then 6 months down the road tell her I need a different Turbo because I should have bought the other one, she'll KILL ME!