tuff as nails


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if anyone is chain shoppin'...I'm real happy with my new DID Xring.....1000 miles , no noticeable stretch , no adjustments so far . I think thats incredible . I ride fairly hard , the odd snap method wheelie , fairly agressive twisties , gun-it from just about every lite/stop sign , harsher gearing down sometimes , etc etc .
How much RSD.
Just bought an o-ring D.I.D.
Have run them on all my bikes and been very happy with them.
But I have heard the x-rings are good.
after 39,000 miles, I just replaced the original chain on my '00 Busa with this one:

10,500 tensile strength, XW ring unit.
I put almost 200 miles on my Busa the day after I got it installed.
Bringing the new mileage to 41,179 miles, before I ruined my back tire.

I hope it lasts atleast 30,000 miles, I'll be exstatic.