Tryin to get on one!!


Thanx for everyone that gave me advice in my last post. I am 20 yrs old, 5'4 and weigh130lbs. I was interested in gettin a sports bike. I didnt mention which bikes i looked at. i was interested in gettin either a yamaha r6, cbr600, or a kawasaki ninja r6. I was planning on gettin a new bike. Dont really care that much about the speed of a bike as long as it handles good and has smooth shifting. I'm planning on taking the course. hopefully insurance wont be that high. Thanx again for the advice and look forward to seeing some of u on the streets!!!
any of those would be a good choice, but I didn't
see a gsxr600 on there? If it was me and I was your size I'd
probably go with the R6 black w/ candy flames.
good luck
All the 600s are great. If it was me, I think I'd go for the Honda. Does everthing very well and, I reckon, a real looker.
I looked at and road all six and had the R6 picked out. Was already to buy it. I think you would be happy with any of the four.

All good bikes listed above. I would rcommend sitting on all or test riding, make sure your comfortable and can reach the gound ok. You make wanna even try a few bikes that are less agressive riding position like a Suzuki SV650.
When you say Honda CBR... Are you talking about the F4i or the double R? The RR ROCKS dude!

Like I said earlier, when you get it, post in the MD geographic area... I live in Germantown and have several friends that I ride with. We will hook you up with some nice twisties.

Keep the shiny side up!
i AGREE THEY ARE ALL GOO 600'S Get the one that feels right to you, that is very important.