Truck Help..bump stop removal


Ok, I need some help!

I'm removing the bump stops on my truck and the first came off ok but the second one loosened a bit but now I can't get it to budge at all! I put some PB Blaster on it with no effect. My big problem now is the rubber part spins so I have to somehow brace that while I try to remove the nut. This is supposed to be like a 5 minute job that took me 2 hours now...:banghead:
If saving the bump stop is not an issue...just hack it to peices and grab bolt with vice grips.:thumbsup:

Guess a pic is worth a thousand here? Dont know what your talking about.

Bump stops come in a hundred shapes and sizes. The stop yer axle from hitting yer frame when carrying heavy loads and hitting bumps.

The ones he is trying to get off probably look like this.... with the bolt thru the middle. Other types have a bolt on each side,with the rubber in the middle,making it easier to access the bolts.It does not take long for these bolts to rust up.


Use a reciprocating saw, and cut the bolt off.

That works. :thumbsup:
Angle grinder,cutting wheel,jigsaw metal blade,air chisel,cutting torch,etc guess he doesn't have access to any decent tools or he wouldn't have posed the question. thats why I gave him the 'Caveman Approach". :crowbar:

:laugh: RSD.
Yep, saw saw usually works great with bump stops. Get the blade under the rubber next to the spring. A good blade should take it right off.
if you are going to go through the trouble just cut the whole bump stop including the metal cage its attached to.
I had to cut the whole units since they are welded onto the frame on my silverado.
My truck is also lowered 4/6.5"
Thanks guys...I have everything except an angle grinder (which would be useful) I ended up taking it to the Ford dealer and they took a torch to it. I gave the guy a $20 and was on my way. What a PITA!!! It was maybe a 5 minute job once I got those bolts off.