Trooper Hits Motorcycle

Quote from the report...Details of what caused the accident are still under investigation.

Wow. They are lucky to be alive!
No way the cop can be at fault. Stupid motorcycle rider!!!! (Note. This board has no sarcasm emoticon except for maybe :whistle:)

If I or any civilian hit a vehicle in this manner, we would be ticketed.
if that was anyone else other then a trooper there would be charges instantly, no brakes no attempt to swerve, that trooper wasn't even looking at the road at the time of approach or impact. what's to investigate ??
glad the riders are alright! sad to say, but i'm sure this idiot cop will get away with it.
My question is what the hell took him so long to stop?

Then he just backs up? He doesn't even realize what he's done. There's no way he was watching the road..
I'm sure he will be punished for this and the bikers will get paid. He will get a ticket just like the rest of us would. It's things like this take make me worry about my daughter, who is about to start drivers Ed.
f--cking hate careless cops, one more reason to stay away from them! Especially the ones that try and knock the rider off the bike deliberately in a chase.

His eye's certainly weren't on the road. No Brakes, No Swerve, No Nothin'! He just plowed right into the bike. Texting, Phone or ASLEEP!! Assh**e!! I'd sue the crap out of the state for that one. Just to prove a point.
Definitely not paying attention so no excuses there but know this about dash cams, they will absolutely alter the perceptions of speed based on the zoom of the camera, trust me I had one on my dash for years... Please don't take that comment as an excuse for the action that we saw... It actually makes it worse, I think he was probably going slower than we think but that makes you ask even harder how he did not see the bike! Bot's Im with ya on a couple of after contact questions... 1. Why so long to stop, 2. Why so long to turn emergency lights on... 3. Backing up after running over bike may not be the best course of action! He might have been looking out an open drivers door I dont know but it just doesn't look good...

Hard to recover from that one. Glad the two riders are doing well. Asleep, phone, or laptop. Unreal.
Reckless disregard for human life. I guarantee you the riders are scarred for life.

Law enforcement isn't just a job. Act like an adult.