Trimming the mudflap


That mudflap is really getting on my nerves. What have you guys done to eliminate the mudflap, and clean up the rear of the bike? I know you can dremel tool the mudflap off, but do you have to remove it first? draw out a chalk line then cut? Give me some ideas on how to remove the rear mudflap and kinda "tuck in" the license plate. I'm not so much concerned with police, I'm more concerned with running toll booths. Let me know how you did it, and lets see some pics if you got them!

I just removed the lic. plate and put some tape and cut below it with a hacksaw.  Used sandpaper to put on the round corners and clean it up.  Replaced the blinkers for $18.  I would love a undertail but Busa money is getting low so this was the cheap fix.

before the superbowlgame starts, I am putting on my new rear blinkers.... very small, carbon fiber, and smoke lenses. 20 bucks. can't beat that! now I can shorten the fender more, too. :beerchug:
I am hoping to get an undertail soon. But when I had my FZ1, I broke out the masking tape and a steel scale (metal ruler). Measured and taped everything. Keeping the lines equal and smooth on both sides. Follow the link for a couple of pics. Use a bastard file and sand paper to finish the corners and neeten it up.



You're undertail looks awesome. What exactly did you use to clean that up? It looks like you put an undertail, plus some short turn signals, and a plate mounting kit. Please write me back and let me know what you used and the steps you took. That looks great

Thanx Mike, just trimmed it with a dremel and mounted the aluminum plate underneath the seat. Couple of LP turn signals attached with 2 plumbing clamps. Total cost : little over $20
Look : Priceless :D :tounge: :D

Can you say Hayabusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. :cool: :beerchug: :cool:
damn that looks sharp, I'm on my way to Wal-Mart to pick up a dremel right now. I hate the way my mudflap looks, I'll trim it tonight, and pick up the turn signals tommorow. Another question for ya, were you able to keep the stock wiring harnesses? Or did you have to splice into them to mount the LP ones? I'm thinking about doing a taillight integrator, those come out awesome. I'm just wondering how much trouble it's going to be to remove the plastics on the tail section to get into the taillight wiring to plumb this up. I really appreciate everyone's tips and advice, this community totally rocks! THANK YOU GUYS!

I had to splice into them. I pulled the left side and never found the harnesses and the right side had very little slack. If I started removing stuff I am sure I could have found them but splicing worked just fine with very little work.
Splice em. And unfortunately the LP signals quality kinda sucks, both sides have lost connection inside the lamp housing and I had to reattach and solder. You will know when you lose connection as your turn signal indicator (by your gauges) will blink real fast, cause only the front is working.     :sad:

Oh and the LP signals are smaller than stock but not too small, personally I decided against the integrated signal or small sigs as I want that light to be SEEN. I may even look for brighter ones. :)
Alright, finished up trimming my mudflap and it came out great. I still havent decided on installing turn signals, installing an integrator, or installing nothing at all. It looks awesome. Tell me what you think!

I appreciate everyone's help


Hawaiibusa & I have the same Busas, I incorporated my turn sigs into the Tail-Light (brakelight) itself.

It's in my Mods section on my site, "homemade rear fender eliminator", under Dressup catagory.

Basically all the same as the others, but I used my DeWalt 18v cordless SawZal, w bi-metal blade, quick, clean.

I left a small amount for the plate to attach to.
That will change and be moved undeneath l8r, when it warms up.

The fender is straight, it looks crooked from the angle & shadows.

All that is left now, is to move plate under more, and paint it to match.