Tri-metal rear sprocket


I'll post pics today!!!!    Has anyone installed the tri-metal rear sprocket from sidewinder?  Just picked up one for install and I wanted to hear from anyone who have used them.



Yes I have close to 40,000 miles on a stock tooth rear Tri-Metal.  Best sprocket I have ever purchased.  Expensive when you consider the cost of other sprockets on the market however from my experience it is worth every dollar I paid for it and then some.

See the attached photographs.


I live 10 minutes from St. Charles IL, where the sell them so I decided to go check them out. If you let the folks at sidewinder tell you, it's the best sprocket on the market.

I agree it's pricey. I paid 130.00 for my rear. You get a life time warranty (if you read the details it's more like a limited life time warranty). I do like the bling and it really does appears to be well built.

I was looking to go up a few on my rear sprocket and found this site. My local speed shop also recommended them too. Overall I very happy so far.
(heavybusa @ Sep. 11 2006,05:31) Whats the benefit other than the obvious change in the gear?

Looks cool.
They have hardened steel teeth (the black part), aluminum carrier (gold part), and Titanium rivots. This is to make a superstrong yet lightweight sprocket. I believe they are made in Europe for Sidewinder. They can also make custom sprockets and I will wind up getting one for my busa once my Afam is worn out.

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