TRE system on a turbo busa Yes or no?


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I would say pull it and unleash the ECU. You'll need a tune after the snail shell is added anyway.

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i have a 2007busa...bought a tre mod and install it and it worked fine...smooth on low rpm and the rpm sunk a little wheni pull the clutch ... after 1 month my bike is as it used to be... the smothness on low rpm is gone and when i clutch the rpm dont move at all..checked all the cables and had the guy i bought it from check the tre and the think is fine ... i cant understand why the thing dont respond anymore...can someone please help me ???
Well, since you don't have ramair at all on the bike, having a normally piece of crap TRE on a bike will prevent it from getting richer (relatively) at higher rpm in higher gears. That said, depending on the fueling type, getting slightly richer may not be a bad idea.

Many people now use ECU tuning on bikes and the timing is often made to be the same fr all of the gears and the ramair compensation is made the same for all gears and engine speeds. That's pretty much what a TRE does.
This is probably the only case where I'd say it it ok or even actually beneficial to use a TRE over not using one. I'd still flash the ecu, but if that is not an option, I'd probably keep the TRE.

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