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i have a 2007busa...bought a tre mod and install it and it worked fine...smooth on low rpm and the rpm sunk a little wheni pull the clutch ... after 1 month my bike is as it used to be... the smothness on low rpm is gone and when i clutch the rpm dont move at all..checked all the cables and had the guy i bought it from check the tre and the think is fine ... i cant understand why the thing dont respond anymore...can someone please help me
A TRE is basically a giant resistor that fools the bike into thinking it's in 5th gear all the time. I've seen more than a few that are really cheaply made, better bet is a system that would offer actual adjustment rather than a work around like a TRE.


the guy i bought it from checked it and it has the right volt.... so the tre mod isnt broken...all cables are in therir place... no fi larm at all..but the just dont work


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TRE's used to be the thing but are very outdated technology, plus people have copied the technology and now make them at home then sell them on Ebay.
A cheap TRE can arrive at your door looking like someone soldered a bunch of crap together and shrink wrapped it.

The original TRE sometime worked and sometimes did not work on all aspects of it's intended functionality.
Then they came out with the "smart" TRE. This was supposed to work a better % of the time or be more reliable.

Soon after they came out with a GPS (gear position sensor) mod. These told the bike to never read 6th gear much like the later TRE's but is/was much more reliable. Still sort of old technology now. They sold for about $110 new and requires the clutch be pulled for installation. (I believe I may have one in the garage I'd sell for $30).

Now you have other options such as ECU editing and autotune mods.

Smithabusa sells the ECU editing hardware with free software if you are interested in going that route.

I understand money spent on a TRE is not wanted to be money lost, however if it is not working and you wish to upgrade now is the time.


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What's a tree ?

Don't know if it ever did anything for you. Most are simply comprised of a resistor that fools the bike into thinking it's in 5th gear all the time. Yes, the maps are slightly different, but can a rider feel that difference ?

The guy you bought it from checked it as good :whistle: Maybe a second opinion is needed :dunno:

Feel free to do the search. You might find one or two ........ hundred threads. Most will end like this: I just removed the dayum thing.


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Use google search for DIY TRE mod. Even if I was that ignorant to put one on my bike I sure as hell wouldn't pay someone for a simple resistor
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I agree you may benefit more with ECU flashing or with a power commander/tuned map instead of the Tre. :2cents:
i have powercommander...but it cost to have it retuned...a tre mod i buyed because the low worked very well about 4-5 rides

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