Tre installed


I just installed a tre on an 06 Busa. After the bike warms up and I get on the street it does not matter if it's 1st,2nd or 3rd gear and I crack it open the motor sounds like this nasty air intake low baffleling sound and never had this sound before I installed the TRE..anyone else notice this before?
Me either , What type of TRE is it ?. I had noise like that at one time but it wasnt from the TRE it came from a map I was using the A/F to lean , Take the TRE off and see if it makes any difference. Are you sure its hooked up right? Food for thought bro.
Not me. Had mine on for about 3 months now. I haven't even read anything like that from anyone else?? Sorry no clue from me
It is the JSD-3 and yes it is plugged into the right connectors with the correct colored wires according to the instructions..

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I here people have used them before, myself I haven’t so I really don’t have any opinion on that product, I used an Ivan’s Smart TRE. And never had any problems now I have switched to a GIpro Indicator w/ATRE and nothing but good things to say for both products. Sorry