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whoever got the sensoro traveller has to get this. so loud in helmet you will have to turn down volume

Hey RobT,

Thanks for sharing that info. I just recently purchased a new earpiece made by Body Glove and it is great. I currently use it with my cell phone. I will try it next with my helmet to see how it works. This thing is sooooo comfortable, you almost forget you have it on. It is crystal clear and can be quite loud. I have never been able to wear an in-ear earpiece, but this one just works wonders. It sales at one of the kiosks in the mall that sales primarily cell phone accessories. Will give my review once I give it a try with the helmet.

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I have a sensoro traveler radar detector and I had a earphone that worked like crap, to make it work I had to use a radioshack adapter and it kept falling out from vibration until I finally lost it altogether. Since I don't need to talk to it I was wondering if anyone knows of just an earpiece that will work without an adaptor.

I took the detector to the mall and tried all the cell phone vendors and couldn't find anything that works. The problem appears to be that most monaural earphones use the larger jack size, most things today use the smaller size including my detector.

Thanks for the help.
Ok - you have the phone and an ear piece that works great - how do you answer it whilst doing 100mph ?

Just curious !
orion,the piece above comes with proper adapter if i remember right.just bring your detecor to walmart with ya and try it out works very nice!
Let me clarify,

I am trying to find just an earpiece with the correct plug to fit the Sensoro radar detector I have. I had just the earpiece, but in order to make it work I had to use an adapter to go from the large plug (earpiece) to the small plug (detector). The problem was it (the adaptor and the plug) stuck out from the side of the detector about 2 inches and kept vibrating loose. I was wondering if anyone here uses the same detector and uses an earpiece.
orion this thing has eveything you want .it has right size right angle piece about 1/2 inch long .the radioshack isnt what you want been there im telling you go check it out !!its all one piece that clicks right to you .i got exrta so i could lean back . nothing to vibrate out just get the same one as box shown the freegin box it says 2.5mm lol

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where can this sensoro traveller radar detector be purchased in canada,all radar detectors are banned in some parts of canada especially new brunswick,and can they be hidden from the police,and the price.
you can get both the radar detector and ear piece at walmart. at least in conn you can .been using with no problems other than cord getting twisted up now and then.and it has saved me about 6 times from the po po as my kid would say!