Travel trailer??????


We are looking for a little guidance from all you fine people (the others are still welcome to reply.

We have been thinking about buying a "RV" for some time now. We figure we can justify the expense, given the frequency of our "vacations". Our main criteria is weight. I need to be able to pull it up to deals gap, but don't want to tear my truck up in the process.

We are just stuck on a few points. We have ruled out a driveavle one (Class A or C) and 5th wheel (need the bed of the truck for bikes). That leaves a toy hauler or travel trailer. Figure toy haulers are fairly "primitive" in their creature comforts, so that leaves the bumper pull trailer.

Here is the HELP part. We are seriously considering buying a

2006 Max Sport by R-vision 26BHS. It is basically a 26 foot single wide slide (dinette and couch) with a queen in the back and two double size bunk beds in the front. It's 4300# with all aluminum and fiberglass construction.

They want 16,995 plus the crap charges (taxes, doc fees, etc). Does anyone know the dealer cost? I have done a search but couldn't find a reference.

I'm worried about buying a "boat" so to speak. That is the main reason I don't want to buy used. I really hate to continue dumping money into things just to keep them up and running. However, I don't want to over spend, when there are bound to be all kinds of good used ones (If you can find them). Kind of a quandry. Any suggestions?

There is an excellent RV park on Santeela lake, about 6 miles from the Phillips. I'm hoping to be able to be able to stay there in a few weeks

Thanks for your help, (and validation?)




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just something to consider, if you get the 5th wheel toy hauler, they have a bit more creature comforts than the tow behinds... and you wont need the bed for haulin the bikes that way

otherwise, I'm of no help to you at all
see ya in a few weeks


Thanks. That POS Dodge 4.7 BARELY made it the last time towing that 12 foot enclosed trailer. If I went with that 40k 5th wheel, I'd end up having to buy another truck.

I'm really looking forward to taking "home" with us on our trips. That way we can't forget anything, cause we brought it with us. I just hope the A/C is as good as the salesperson stated. I'm fat,.. and I get cranky when I get hot.



You might want to use John Raper in Indiania for a price reference. They are "supposed" to be the cheapest in the country due to size. I believe they buy in volume. $17K for a 2006 doesn't seem bad. You might want to try and find a 2005 leftover also.




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I have a toy hauler and have found that it is actually quite comfortable. Mine is 22ft. But the front kinda pops out to make a queen size bed and the middle has 2 couches that fold down to make a king size bed. They make some very nice ones, but it just depends on the $$. Don't throw out the toy hauler idea..check out Hornet's toy haulers...They are REAL nice!


I've had both a 5th and a bumper pull but weight was no issue with the 2500HD duramax, we by far liked they way the 5th towed. As far as dealer cost, good luck, I've never found any info on dealer cost on trailers. I even found a site that had a book you can by for dealer cost but it was not worth a crap. I have learned over the years things to look for is inside storage, you'll never have enough so get the one with the most. One sign of a well built trailer is how the drawers are made and put together. Looks like your getting the fiberglass sides that's a big plus for cleaning, much easier. Good luck


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I bought a 26' Hobbi and pull it with a 1500 Ram. My OTD price was 20 grand with a generator and hitch work.
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