Registered thier any mechanically inclined maybe ninja eater can help me why does the hayabusa do false neutrals between 5th and 6th and sometimes i get them between 4th and 5th...i adjusted my shifting lever it helped a tad but it is kinda annoying........when i switched to syntheitic oil the shifting seemed to get slicker.......but it still isnt that great does anyone know a cure? or is it something i gotta suck up?


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Many people many discussions. It seems the only thing to do is try different oil furmulas. I went to mobil 1 mx4t, which does reduce false shifts. It does not eliminate them.

Some have had luck in changing the shift pattern by turning the shift lever in reverse, I do not like changing the pattern that I am use to.

others including myself speed shift without the clutch, when done right it does not effect the tranny at all.


thanx i speed shift here and thier because the clutch just sux and i really dont have the cash to put a modified one in thier yet......tryin to do the exaust and some cheap cosmetic stuff polishing and stuff


Hey, My busa does the same thing. I adjusted the lever also, and went with Golden Spectro 4. Seems to be getting less frequent with the more miles I put on.


well my bike has 6200 miles on it and it still does it not as frequent but i thought that problem should be gone by now


You get the false neutrals because of the sliding nature of the transmission. If you shift at a higher RPM <higher than 5000> You won't get false neutrals. This will cure the same problem in GSXR1000 & 750's too.



I reversed the shift pattern on my busa and found that the shifting is more positive for me with no false neutrals.........If you don't like reversing the pattern try loading the lever before you shift it should help engage the next gear more positively or go with and electric shifter then you will get more positive clutchless up shifts..................
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