Transmission problem?  yes or no.


Hey guys..looking for some help here.  Picked up my blue/black 02 2 weeks ago.  The bike seems to shift just fine first through 4th. Than it gets notchy going into 5th and 6th is a real have to really yank up HARD and I've had it not go into gear quite a few times.  I only have about 150 miles on it so I'm wondering if I should just be patient and wait for the tranny to break in.  Anyone had similar experiences?  


mine did same thing i have a 2002 black /blue also ......mine wouldnt shift into 6th.........i think it was like 300 or so miles before tranie seemed smooth
I also have a blue/black 2002, and it does the same thing. It goes into a neutral between 5th and 6th. Mine has 800 miles on it and it is still doing it. Getting the 1st service done this week, in an article I read in cycle-world (I think) it said that this problem usally stops after the first service.
Dont feel special 02 is also having trouble shifting from 5th to 6th gear, on several occasions I went to shift up and wouldn't go, so then I thought 'oh' must be in six already, but then realized 'nope' in 5th somthings wrong here.
But I will say it seams to be getting better, I only have about 700 miles on it now, and it hasn't happen to me for about the last 100 miles.

I've got a 00 and never had a problem. Never heard any of problems from my freinds. You might see if they changed any think on the 02's? Good luck.

Same thing here. I also have a 00 and have never had any problems.
I've had 2 or 3 times reached an idle "gear" between the 5th and 6th gear with my 01 model. I know a lot of Hayabusa riders with this problem, but it is no "pain" to shift. It happens only sometimes. In a german motorcycle magazin (Motorrad) the 50000 KM test of a Hayabusa (99 model) shows bad sprockets for the 3th-6th gear. Suzuki said, that the big sprockets need a powerfull shifting.
My 2000 has 4400 miles it has gotten better but still not good I am going to go to synthetic oil I heard it may make a difference but I have had the same problem with 6th
I am SOOOOO glad someone posted this!!!

I'm not smiling about it really, but I know I'm not alone. I have an '01, with about 600 miles on it. It drives me CRAZY
when I hit that damn 'neutral' between 5th and 6th - especially when you're getting on it a bit, and 'whheeee', no gear! Also, doesn't happen every time, just when I don't want it to :whip:. Mine, you can even feel the 'click' of the shifter, and it still isn't in (when it happens). Hope it does go away, although I don't see how the first service would have much to do with it (at least according to the manual, that doesn't seem to be a maintenance item) - where I live, I have yet to find a competent mechanic within 150 miles (who won't bend you over on price).

@bwilken: I havn't heard from anybody, who has solved this problem. It's a design issue
. Try to shift very carefull
Check waht oil you are using. I had the neutral problem slightly some time back. When i went to Mobil 1 mx4t it eliminated the ghost shifts.