Transformers Revenge of the Fallen


Never Forgotten
Saw it last night. Great fun...lot's of action, eye candy, and comedy using lines from old movies. Leave the kiddies a home though. It is definitely targeted at an adult audience. (Language, sex (mostly dialogue--no nudity), etc.


My kids love the movie. One is 15 and ther is 16 plus they see and hear more at school and on the school bus.


Never Forgotten
My kids love the movie. One is 15 and ther is 16 plus they see and hear more at school and on the school bus.
I was thinking of the younger ones, about 8 to 12 years old, that love the toys and will want to see the movie. I think it is OK for teens. They know more than we do:)


School buses should be rated x. The first time my youngest kid went on a school bus, i think her was 10 he came home crying and was in shock from what was going on in the bus. After the first month there was nothing at the movies that could offend him.
Saw it twice,

Loved it but wish they could have removed some of the Hollywood BS. I was so used to the cartoons...

Not every girl in college is interested in mating! lol.

Kudos for the realness though...


saw it the other day. it was great. think i saw a bking as one of the autobots!!! they needed a busa also

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We saw it last night..... Megan Fox :drool: sort of like the "other" girl (without throwing any spoilers here) too.... yum.....

Was no lack of action at all... Sure wanted a better look at the bikes..

only a 6/10 but worth seeing for sure on the big screen :)


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they tried to make megan fox even hotter with CGI

OMG watch lol..

- Transformers 2: CGI Megan Fox Even Hotter This Time[/url]
lol, thats awesome man...

They shoiuld have made a Vmaw a Decepticon also...

It so much looks the part for sure.

maybe in the next one.
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