Transformers 2


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I bought tickets online to see transformers II at 12:01am wednesday morning, the first showing. The movie looks great and I enjoyed the first, but the midnight showing? I think i may be a nerd/geek now. Does owning a Busa off-set this nerd move?


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um FYI only thing that saved the first transformers was Megan Fox.........worst movie ever.............common the movie was ok until sector 7 cheesy.........


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uhhhh transformers was a good my opinon better than most i watch these days when i rent... its one i bought and rewatch freqently due to its quality.
nothing to worry about, it's going to be one of the biggest movies this summer.
A friend in Boston is getting married next weekend, and I was originally disappointed that I'd miss out on seeing it opening night at the local drive in (im in the wedding)...but I just found out he already bought a dozen tickets and is treating anyone who comes out early to a thursday showing. I'll be there.

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always a good idea to be the first, they might change the ending by day 4 or 5 :laugh:

nerd.... busa owning nerd :rofl:


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your ok if you never dress up like characters in any movie or show...:rofl:
If you buy the toys and you do not have kids.... geek.
Megan fox poster... your okay on that one.

Whats her tat say under her left arm, anyone know...

BTW I am a huge transformers nut...

If you wanna read something good that will hopefully make it to theaters after the Transformers 3 eventually as a prequel...

There was a pre-queal book out before the talk of the first film. It's a great read also. I burned through it in just a few days.

Lots of neat stuff about the finding of Megatron and the reverse engineering and all.

They stage a launch of Ghost-1 from the North Pole on the same day the whole world is focused on the Apollo moon launch, knowing all eyes would be down at Canaveral and they have this rouge looking ship to send through a worm hole, all reverse engieered off of Megatron. I could go on and on...

They come out of the worm hole and encounter Starscream and he talks about he almost having to slow his processor speed to a halt just to communicate with the little ship, which looks Cybertronian but thrown together...:laugh:

Did you know the voice of megatron is Hugo Weaving

Agent Smith from the Matrix, it's slowed down and digitized though...
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