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I am looking to buy a trailer to drag my bike all over the country this summer. What kind would you all recommend? Inclosed or open. I also want to be able to use it for hauling other stuff like plywood and maybe dirt if need be. I figure 5x8 would be a good size.
if you can afford it, get an enclosed. I have a 6x12 that I bought used from a friend for $1700. It will carrie 2 bikes if you want and your bike is clean when you unload it.

I had an open trailer for 2 years before I went enclosed and it is well worth the investment. you can put everything in you trailer without worrying about it flying off or getting wet.

go enclosed.
Nothing looks better than a HOT
Hayabusa trailering behind a sweet truck... I use a friend's open 3-bike trailer. Will hold 3 MX bikes, or 2 street bikes. The looks I got trailering my busa behind my truck..... PRICELESS!
Hey if you can weld and build things you can make your own!! I bought a used 28 foot 5th wheel camper that had 2 bed rooms. One of the bedrooms was in the tail of the camper, just what I needed. I cut out the back wall framed it in and made a fold down door that is used as a ramp. I put in an over head garage door spring bar to help lift the door and made the back bedroom into a garage for the bikes! Now the camper is like this... Over the bed of the truck is our bedroom with King size bed. Full bathroom tub with shower, full kitchen, stove, oven, fridge with freezer.. Back bedroom now garage... With a little work on springs the camper handles the weight with out problems and tows great down the road I have been up to 75mph with no problems. A very nice way to go the bikes are safe and clean out of the weather. The fun part is at the camp grounds when you pull in. No big deal no looks untill to put the back door down them out with the busa and bandit... Now the people look and they love it... By the way.. total cost for me to buy the camper and build it is around $6000. and I redid the inside walls and carpet and ceiling. I also extended the floor of the back room making the camper 30 feet long.
Jay, yours is awesome!!! weekend warrior in the hiding!

the last one you showed is too much pen*$ envy... trying to show off!! I like to trailer mine on an open trailer to show off, but not behind plexiglass..
Before I had the Busa, my gix 1000 and my friends ZX12 fit perfectly in the back of my Tundra. We were on the way to Tampa area to meet some guys to ride with.

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the gsxr1000 looks like a blast. never rode one. on my 2nd street bike... gonna hav to find one in portland to check out...
Fun bike but not enough hp for me. If you love to wheelie this is the bike for you! If I lived in the hills or near some mountains I probably would have kept it, but the Busa has never made me think twice about my decision.

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Go figure I traded my truck in for a Tahoe last year. Who knew I would miss it so much. Oh well
WOW Max, cool pics! uuuuuuh who's staying with ya at Laguna Seca? You can buy or rent a FunMover from Cruise America but why not make your own for less than a 1/4 the cost. Very nice. ( oh and that gold busa looks like a museum piece )
Here's a dumb question: If I put my bike on an open trailer and cover it with a high-quality bike cover, am I at risk of the wind whipping the bike cover enough to mess up the paint on the bike? Thanks!
Yes! I had a friend that covered his bike on an open trailer for about a 6hr. trip and it did some serious damage to the paint.
Blas32 is right I before the big camper had an in the truck box type camper and hauled Sue's and my bike on a trailer in back. The wind will rip the paint all to hell!!! (hauled the V Max like this never the Busa) You in no way can get the cover tight enough, the road dust gets under the cover and you have instant sand paper as the wind moves the cover!! In my book the only way to go is the inclosed type trailer. Its great having people look and wish they were you owning the busa. But the bike in an open trailer is open to the weather and people when your stopped. You go into a place to eat or sleep and unless you are watching the bike all the time anything can happen. With my set up I have now Im sleeping in the same place as the Busa, its just in the next few rooms over. Yep before bed both bikes get put inside the camper.
I'm ordering a 6X12 cargo trailer (enclosed) next month when I get my bonus. The one thing that I do like is that when you position the bikes correctly, you can carry three bikes. Don't care to show off, just want to keep the bike as clean and away from the elements as possible.