Trailering the big bird


Looking at buying a trailer for my Busa. What do you guys use? What style/type and what did it cost? I only need one for two bikes.

Anything I should be warned about before I buy a trailer? What do I look out for or stay away from?
Wells Cargo bike trailer. A little spendy, but the best trailer I have ever used. Not sure where to buy as I use my uncles when needed. Should be able find on a google search though.
Am I talking to myself?

Canyon Dancer, goes over the bars, hooks to the grips. Then you use tie downs from the ends of the Canyon Dancer to the floor of the trailer. If the Stance , distance of the tie point on the trailer, is far enough from the bike, then the straps won't rub.

You can also use ratchet straps on the rear, where the stock pipes hang, to secure the rear so it won't hop.

Stealth, the one and only.
I would recomend an enclosed trailer rather than the open type. Better protect & secure also has a better resale value. I bought a used 5X8 in near new condition for $1050. 6X10 might be better for 2 bikes & gear.

Also canyon dancers are the way 2 go! About $30

Oh and Home depot has a 6x10 for about $2k

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Not sure on where to tie down the Busa as I have only trailered my other bike, 99' SIMMS Softail Custom, . The trailer is the bomb. It has chocks and tie downs built right into the floor, chocks removable. The model I use has the back end of the trailer recessed so your bike dips down when riding it in and you don't hit your head. Also has the nose cone on the front, to have space for all your riding gear to hang. Sorry since I mentioned it have to include a picture of my other bike.

Nice bike, but who are those four guys in the background? I'm sure you had a nice time just cruising around and sightseeing.
I towed my 2 bikes from NC to KS a couple of months ago on an open trailer from Motor Sport Trailers. It was the 2 bike version, but can be adjusted to accomodate a single. It worked very well for me, but since it is not that wide you would either have to remove the fairings or put some padding around the tiedowns so you don't scratch them. Vic Hoye has great customer service and likes to keep in touch with his buyers to ensure their satisfaction. I have included the link for them and a picture of my bikes on the trailer.

You don't have to remove plastic. Just put a t-shirt in between your strap and plastic to keep it from marking.

I have a 7 x 14 timberwolf lightning. Love it. I will post pics when I am not at work. Think of what you are going to do with it before you buy.

I bought 7' wide rather than 6', becaus I wanted to have room to sleep in it sideways with my fiancee and still have room to keep a bike or two in there.

7' wide is roughly 1000 dollars more than 6' because you have to get tandem axles, or they mostly come that way anyhow. Are you going to be sitting inside it at the track on lawn chairs while keeping your bike dry? How many buddies will you be taking. I have crammed 3 quads in sideways, just fit. # bikes are just fine, but 2 in the best.

Do you have the truck/ room/ money to get one big enough for a car? You never know when that pops up.

Get an open car trailer for $1500
Get a DECKED out enclosed for $4500. Enclosed trailers run anywhere from $2000 to the sky.

I think a 8 x 16 hallmark with a ramp door runs about $3500.

That's about it for now. I must get to work.
I have a 6X10 Pace American Cargosport enclosed trailer. It has Independent Torsion Suspension and I would recommend it to anyone. A lot of people told me to stay away from leaf spring suspension as it tends to bounce more. It tows great and I put almost 9000 miles on it this year and didn't have any problems. :)
A couple of things to look for:
1) The bigger the tire the better. Mine has 15 inch tires on it.
2) V nose if you don't mind spending a little more. Mine is flat nose and I paid $3200.
3) Brakes would be nice. I might get them put one before Laguna next year.
4) Torsion axle instead of leaf spring. Less bounce
You guys need to get on board.
Get the Yoyodyne frame sliders with the optional tie down hooks.
Buy the GSXR 1000 sliders, for 2003 and they fit perfect.
I'll post pictures of them soon.