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Hey guys, quite a while back there was a thread on here with link to an article and video (I think it was a news station website) about speed cameras reducing ticket revenue and the city getting rid of them to bring the funds back up, because people weren't speeding anymore (or it might have been red light cameras). Either way, I need to find that thread. I've been using the search and haven't been able to find it. Does anyone know what the name of it was or have a link to the thread?


Do your own Research speed cameras Being unconstitutional.

They are an affront to both the United States and Individual State constitutions ....

constitutional rights being are being trampled under Color Of Law in the New America

In the Past it was deemed Unconstitutional when there WERE Real Red Blooded Americans running the System.....So if it was Unconstitutional in the Past then so it should be in the Future Also!

The People of our beloved American Nation Must wake up the the Matrix Like System that has evolved around them over the Last 90 Years+ and take this Country Back!

We are Not to just accept this boogerface Dream STATE for fear of Our Safety...
Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. ... Benjamin Franklin

This is AMERICA and We the People need to Remember that............and I would rather a Man or Woman be Employed to Patrol our Nations Roads the Old fashioned way!


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but but but if we don't put cameras everywhere and Chips into everything... how will our precious children be safe? ? ? ? "Whaaaaa... whaaaaaa" ...and who will parent them while I am not?


Well, I finally found it after several hours of searching here and the internet. I never did find it on here, but I did find it after many many many different search inputs into google.

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