Trading the Gen 2 this weekend!


So to start I purchased a 2011 gen 2 a few months ago from a board member, flew to Philadelphia and rode it home to Nashville. Since it was an accident to purchase it the plan was once I got it home decide which I like better between the gen 1 and gen 2 then sell the least of the 2.

First to explain the "accident" of purchasing it, he tried to sell on the org and after a few weeks listed it cheap on ebay, I bid my max (still cheap in my opinion) because I didn't want him to get screwed too bad and if someone was going to get a good deal on a great bike it was going to be me. Well I was outbid with 2 days left and then 5 hours before the auction ended I get an email stating I was the current high bidder due to a bid retraction.

Once it was home I loved it but still not as comfortable or as powerful as my gen 1 (1441cc + 6 yrs making it comfortable to me), but I knew it could be made just as comfortable. With a turn of events in my life I was suddenly able to afford both bikes so we (very supportive Fiance) decide to keep it. Well, now I have come to the realization that the gen 2 having not been cranked in about 3-4 weeks I really don't need 2 of the same bike if I need 2 bikes at all.

So here is the deal, my best friend has a 2008 M109R boulivard he loves his bike, but has wanted a sport bike ever since he got rid of his GSXR1000. He has offered a trade ever since I got the 2nd bike. He bought the bike used with 8,000 miles it now has 21,000 and nearly all the miles he has put on it I was right beside him, to say I know the bike is an understatement and to question his maintenance schedule is an insult. Actually some members who attended the 2012 Spring Bash may have seen the bike, it is the silver 109 with green LED lights.

So here are the details of the trade:

2008 M109R boulevard
21,000 miles
New tires
Cobra swept exhaust
luggage rack w/ backrest
saddle bags
quick release windshield


2011 Busa
7,000 miles
New tires
Brocks shorty exhaust
PC5 + dyno tuned 195 hp
Custom seats

His offer is new tires, new battery and take our agreed upon value of his bike plus cash to equal what I have in the gen 2.

I have always said if I ever make the move from sport to cruiser it would be a 109. This way I will have the best of both worlds. I have ridden this bike several times and the first thing I will have to do is somehow move the handle bars back (I am too short), I am a machinist so that should not be problem.

I think it will be a good trade, this way I know the bike is going to a good home and to a good well experienced rider. In all honestly he has put more miles on the gen 2 then I have since it has been home. This way I can cruise with the fiance and still hop on the Gen 1 to burn up corners and also bust his azz if he gets a little cocky on his new gen 2 haha.

Also, before any comments about warning him of the power of his new bike, he has been riding almost as long as I have been alive and probably has close to a million miles behind the handlebars. The 109 was his first cruiser style bike and he has had a busa before.

These pics are a little out of date but the only ones I have on my computer, the gen 2 now has a shorter windshield, red fairing screens and red pin strip on the rim of the wheels. I don't have a day time pic of his bike, it is pretty much the same just has the cobra exhaust now. Also you can see his in the busa line up from the bash.


Sorry for the long post, just wanted to make sure I covered everything. Enjoy and new pics of the trade this weekend!!



good deal i would do it in a heartbeat.....btw...i have a 2008 busa and a 2009 i am biased....rofl
It's hard to keep to busa's, unless 1 is a track only bike. I had 2 and had to sale one also. I would take the cruzer and cash.
What's great about the deal is you know how the M109R has been taken care of and you know the current owner. Have fun with the new scooter!
Good move! of both worlds....a daytime screamer and a well sorted gentlemen's TT racer for those evening forays. ;)
M109s are cool. I had a big cruiser, a Honda VTX1800F, and my busa. I loved the VTX, but after owning it for a couple of years found that it sat in the garage most of the time. If I went riding, 99% of the time it was on the busa, so I sold the VTX. I thought it would be the other way around, that the busa would be sitting more due to the fact I'm an old fart. I guess it's hard, at least for me, to ride anything else once you have owned a Hayabusa. Hope you enjoy your new bike!:thumbsup: