Traded in 04 R1 for an 05 Busa

Welcome aboard

Hey hang five dude.....welcome to the board....always looking for a few good Congrats on the new Busa
Congrats and welcome to the board! Did you not want to keep the R1 and use it as a track bike? Post up pics for us all to see!
Welcome Pics "damn been said" how about Reflectors and stickers, and yes I agree wanted one for quite a while then got one 05 Blue and Silver Love It! Now I am worried about My friends jacking it when I'm not looking.
so are you gonna post a write up comparing the two and reasons for changing. Theres got to be a reason
<span style='color:blue'></span>Congratulations! I just bought a Hayabusa this year myself. I owned a 2000 Buell M2 Cyclone which I traded in on a Katana. I traded the Katana in a week later for monster of sport bikes. The Katana lacked the torque that my Buell had, even though the Katana was the quickest bike I had ever been on. The Hayabusa is all that I heard it was. I should have bought one years ago, but now that I own one, I will never go without one.
I am out of the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. Anyone from the area?
I actually walked in to the dealer to pick out the color of my new R1, and went home with a Busa instead. Love it! Better real-world bike if you actually ride.
Welcome to the board! I have owned both so I am dieing to hear your thoughts on you switch.
why'd you switch from a busa?
Well, bunch of reasons I guess, but mainly as much as I love both of them I could only keep one of the two( had em both at the same time), and had to sell the other. The R1 is more fun for ME than the busa. It stops and handles better, still goes low 10's in the quater and is an absolute handfull to ride. Even though my busa was a faster machine, I love the twitchy characteristics of the R1. It FEELS crazy when you are on the gas, on the back tire, and then jamming the brakes into the next turn. I use it for track days, some street riding, drag racing, and maybe even a club race or two. At this point in my riding career the R1 fits me better. I hated to give up the power and comforts of the busa, not to mention that low pitched rumble the busa exhaust makes at a certain rpm.

Ultimate goal is to again have 2 bikes
R1 for Trackdays
Busa for street and drags
Yeah if your into doing track days and dont do much traveling the I could see how the R1 might be a better choice.