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Hey guys!!! Finally sold the Harley (Shhhhh, i know, i know.... it was my first bike before i got a real taste for speed and whatnot.. give a girl a break, we all make mistakes&#33
Anyways, now i am shopping for a bike for the track. The Busa was cool on the track but i would die if i turfed it out there.

So I'm looking for something smaller/lighter so i can work on my technique and speed. Please give me your opinions. I am not buying a bike brand new for a second/track bike and don't want to spend as much as i did for the Busa. So within reason. In your suggestions, let me know what year you think is best as well.

Thank you in advance for your expertise!!!!!



A bike for the track, huh? Well my 2 cents worth isn't much, but if it was me, I would go with a GSX750 or 1000. Since you're getting them used, 99 or 00. But you might not want to take my advice, I just became interested in motorcycles. Keep us inform of whatever you decide.


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If your going to use it for the track and keep it street legal I would get the 750. Track only I would go with the 600. The 750 will give you enough power to run with the big boys in the twisties out on the street. The 600 at the track is a demon. Seems the 600 can get around most venues the fastest. Keep in mind though you have to keep that engine screaming at around 10,000 to keep the speed up on that machine.
I think the 1000 is to big. With your weight and size I would stay away from those.

Marc "Howlin Mad"

PS. Not to big that you can't handle it obviously just to big for a fun track bike.

Mr. Busa

Gixxer 750. Just look at Mladdin. hehe nuff said. I do agree with Marc though. Not so much on the size but usually you cant really utilize all the power of the 1000 on the track. The 750 will hang with the big boys on the street. If not street legal, for me this would still be the better choice. theres guys out here with Gixxer 750's full out drag bikes doin almost 6's. Totally diffrent application but you catch my drift. whatever you decide just keep it safe out there! You dont wanna look like this
you wanna look more like this


Thanks for the replies so far guys!!! I am really leaning (ha ha, knee draggin) towards the GSXR750. I will keep it street legal so that would be cool too!!! thanks for the tips!!

Mr. Busa, I don't want to look like the first pic, so thanks for your suggestions!!



I've heard you can handle the Busa well, so I would go with the GSXR 750...plenty of power for the track and light enough to kneedrag. I'm gettin one for the track. Someday.


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Lo, you are in luck! I have the perfect track bike for sale... $13,000 and it is all yours baby!

Check it out and let me know.




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wouldnt do it any other way, you wont regreat it, promise.



Hey Lo,
I say the Gixxr 6 or an R6. Or the new ZX-6RR the bike weighs 354lbs dry and has 123hp stock!! I'd get that one.
Good luck in your choice! Let us know!


Thanks Busahigg for the suggestion. I really like the Suzi......

Doc, you got jokes huh?? remind me to knock you out when you come out here for Laguna!!!! Hey, you wanna hear somethin funny, that Harley pic looks like the FATBOY I just sold!!!! coincidence, I think not!!! Doc the comedian!!

Hey Chickadee, you must really be lovin the Duc cuz we haven't heard from ya in a while!!! Thanks for the tips honey!! I like the 6's for the track, but I will probably do some street riding with it too... for that reason alone I may go with the GSXR750 just for the additional power. From 2000 on they are lighter than the older models.... thanks again girl!!! as soon as i get it, i will post pix!!



Hey Josh!!! thanks for the tip!!! you should be getting the tape soon... I will ship UPS this week!!!! Been missin ya!!!



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Hi lobusa,
Awesome move. I have a 2001 CBR600F4i that I use on the track. It's awesome. the most popular bikes for tracks are the R6, Gxr750,GxR 600, Suzuki SV650....SV650 are awesome because they are cheap and you can get racing covers for them real cheap. Because I work with a racing school and they hold their classrooms in my little cafe I'm know from talking to all the experience instructors and racers is...the best trackbike is one that has been a write-off and you are rebuilting. The frame and engine works but for some reason some dumped because they don't feel it's 100%. I know from experience..crashes happen and it cost money..and I don't know about California but we are not able to get insurance for track bikes. That means it out of our pockets 100%. So in my opinion why buy a bike knowing it's going to be driven at it's max, and possibilites of it crashing is fairly high. My friends got a F2, raced prepped ready to go. I learned fromhim a F2 does hold a candle up against the new F4i, R6, GXR600, Gxr750. So the thing is are you wanting to compete or just ride for skill. Those are questions you need to ask yourself. I have a racing license so I want speed. My bike is new, so i know I don't have to work on it as much except for bodywork. that's me, I'm a dummy when it comes to mechical things. From my friends experience, the GXR750 is a very twitchy bike but tons, and tons of power, and with the right skill, no other bike can touch it. Awesome bike...I want one. Anyways, just my two cents...if you want some advice..sign into this and go to racing. Ask question there. There's alot of track people up here. Not a lot of money spent on this sport but they all claim they won't give it up for the world. Just my 2cents.



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Doc, you got jokes huh??  remind me to knock you out when you come out here for Laguna!!!!  Hey, you wanna hear somethin funny, that Harley pic looks like the FATBOY I just sold!!!!  coincidence, I think not!!!  Doc the comedian!!  
Sorry Lo, just one of those daze! So, find me a buyer for my Hog and I will cut you a phat commision!

Good luck on the track bike, my buddy has a GSXR600 and it is a blast in the curves. I imagine it would make a great track bike and it is fairly cheap!

Have Fun!


I'd Recommend either A GSXR 750 or a SV 650. GSXR is the best pure sport bike period. SV's are fun, chuckable smile a minute toys! Good luck!


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GSXR 750 best dual purpose bike...They run like hell on the street just imagine how you could make it perform at the track...Also you should be able to get a great used one for a low price (couple of years old)...

And why is it that you can be absent so long and all of a sudden pop up and demand so much attention...O.K. you don't have to answer that because I already know...


Hi experiance at Sears Point as an expert roadracer..
40 years old and up class...sub 2 minutes per lap..
Any FZR600 1989 and up,,,,,fox shock,steering damper,sticky
metzlers was like a dream....sooooo' stable and comforting..
Just keep the rev's between 8000 and 11 you will be flying,
sweet brakes..just cheaper than a R6..good luck LO be careful out there.


Hey Lo! I would also recommend the suzuki SV650. Lots of local guys here race them. They're cheap, very light, got enough power to have fun. You should be able to find some used ones set up for the track as well. Good Luck.

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