Trac Dynamics


Check-out the 250 rear tire conversion kit for the Busa.

This may not be very functional, but it sure does look pretty cool. Big time bling-bling effect...

After watching them put those huge tires on choppers on American Chopper I wondered if anyone had a kit to put them on a busa. I'd like to have a second low slung drag look busa with that rear tire set-up and still have my stock ride height/length busa to ride the twisties with. I have considered going the lowered drag bike look but I just enjoy the twisties too much to wreck the handling like that. I just REALLY need two busas!!!

Or, maybe I should eventually buy another lighter, more nimble bike (Gixxer 750/1000) for the twisties, then slam the busa and make it a customized drag machine? :super: That'd be ok, and probably loads of fun but I think two busas would be better.
I find myself just staring at that huge tire, I think I’m getting tire envy…

Out of curiousity I e-mailed them and asked if it was available in stock swingarm length. The closest you can get to stock length is a +2" extension. That and the wide tire would pretty much wreck twisty fun... That's a shame because it looks totally sick!

If I had never listened to the twisty riders here and hadn't took the busa to the mountains and got hooked on the twisties I'd go that route in a heartbeat. When I got the busa I had planned to go the drag bike route... lowered and maybe slightly stretched. Now I just can't bring myself to even lower it for fear of taking away from handling in the twisties. I've got it BAD!!!