Touring Extreme Or As Buddy's Call It The Busawing


The over-all look aint' for me! But I definetly do appreciate and admire all the customization!
Good Job C10!

Because the Hayabusa doesn't have a center stand, I installed a Pro-Oiler and I never have to worry about lubing the chain.
hmm.... pro-oiler. off to google I will go, lol! :thumbsup:


Was given a top case last night that ended up on the bird for a two up run to watch some CMRA racing today in south Texas . Man I sure love this bike , and how it has evolved to a Super Tour rig.
I made a video , but need to upload tomorrow .
Pictures for now . FYI its a 35L top case off a Honda PCX150 scooter mounted on my SW MOTECH rack .View attachment 1577185View attachment 1577186View attachment 1577187View attachment 1577188View attachment 1577189View attachment 1577190
Hello there, picking up a 18' busa tomorrow and the full luggage route is what I will be going for. SW motech rear rack, what side racks are you using ?


Picked up my 18 today and ordering the side/top racks for my kappa bags. I'm guessing I can't use the cheaper givi top rack with the SW MOTECH side racks so going SW MOTECH for both.


I see you have electronic cruise you have a source for it / name/brand ? My sw motech racks should be here today or tomorrow. Have terryscustomseats double buckets and looking at mid August for a production date. I'm good with the clean airflow of the stock screen so won't get a touring one until Oct when the temps start to drop.
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