Touring Extreme Or As Buddy's Call It The Busawing


Was given a top case last night that ended up on the bird for a two up run to watch some CMRA racing today in south Texas . Man I sure love this bike , and how it has evolved to a Super Tour rig.
I made a video , but need to upload tomorrow .
Pictures for now . FYI its a 35L top case off a Honda PCX150 scooter mounted on my SW MOTECH rack .


c10, is that the MRA Vario Touring Shield? Or just the deflector. Been entertaining getting one for my Gen 1.


I'm new to Busas - took delivery this week - and am in the process of getting used to the clip on bars. Yours look so comfortable!


I got to say C10, she sure does look like the most comfortable , well thought out , long distance mile munching Busa I have ever seen in touring guise . Looks to be a very confident inspiring competent machine , exactly what you want when you are many miles from home , with hours of road travel ahead . I also like the fact that you can and do , reverse the bikes configuration to suit your riding needs , as seen in your other posts . I would think , your power to weight would still be more than very good , even with the Busa all loaded up . Your weight also is very much in the bikes favor ... unlike myself , so you are all positive bonus there mate also .


CBXrider I know its not for everyone ,but the bird is by far the best sport tour machine I have owned . ZRX1200R , ZX11D , FJR1300 , ST1300 All were good bikes , but not great Something always lacked . The birds only down fall is no center stand . However I built a portable one for chain service on the long hauls .
It took a long while to go to a top case ( two years ) never had one on anything else . With two up ( son ) and wife on her bike we need storage.
The great thing is in 1 minute everything is OFF except the SW Motech rear rack that looks sleek alone . I honestly do not like the look of the Russel day long seat either , but its function is amazing . 13 hour saddle time days with zero issue . Its the 1st seat to perform like that on any bike in my life time so no one sees the seat when your riding it :) It is 1st class craftsmanship though .

On the MRA screen the direct replacement caused to much buffet as the screen was stock height , and the Vario unit laid better air when flat on screen. Now the Vario X screen , and larger Tour X screen on a large Zero Gravity screen work great .


Nice job C10, I had Givi hard bags on mine but the addition of the LSl bars make the bike a proper touring rig. That seat looks super comfortable as well. I hope with that rig you are doing tens of thousands of miles a year.
I had a Zx-11 as well with high bars and hard luggage, I agree modified busa is better than the other bikes you mention except shaft drive is way easier for high miles. Lack of Asc, traction control and abs is another downside.

For chain service, I used the wheelspin and grease ninja while on trips. You put under rear wheel and lube chain without moving bike. Harbour freight sells them

I miss the torque of the busa, maybe the new turbo or sc version busa will tempt me back. Two up, I really notice the lack of torque on my current steed.

I had heli bars and risers and still not high enough. I do miss the hard luggage.I dont miss the extra 140 pounds especially in the twisties.



Currently only logging about 10, 000 a year.
4 trips a year between 1500 to 2000 miles each over 4 days each.. The other 2k is local weekend rides 250 mile a average.
Next year when son graduates / ships off to MCRD { USMC.} there will be more time and miles to munch


The birds only down fall is no center stand . However I built a portable one for chain service on the long hauls
Because the Hayabusa doesn't have a center stand, I installed a Pro-Oiler and I never have to worry about lubing the chain.

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