Tour De Bay 4/10/16 & Bay To Sac 4/23/16



Big group rides for the month of April here in the Bay Area. Anybody else going to one of these? My first time doing either of these rides. Lemme know if you're down to meet up and ride.


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Make sure your bike is 100% legal, no license plates under the tail, turn signals, etc etc.

The moto cops are all over the group as they ride to Sac from SF. Couple of newbies did wheelies on the highway and were immediately pulled over. Lots of ppl were getting stopped for the littlest things too, it was like shooting dead fish in a frozen barrel. The riders were nice and I had fun but wouldn't do it again.


Planning on being in at Mohave Mile wknd of the 10th. Live in the 916 interested in the ride on the 23rd.


@PandaNin good to know. My bike is good to go and I can't do a wheelie to save my life. I'm planning on doing both of these rides just to say I did it at least once. Not a big fan of big group rides like these because of stories I've heard about it being a big cluster good time, but maybe this will change my mind.

@Busa492 maybe meet up with you once we get there to say what's up
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