Top ten fastest production bikes 2010


The Pessimistic Optimist
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Your lists seem a little inaccurate and kinda funny.

Top Ten Fastest Bikes List 2010
This one I don't ever remember reading where a stock busa broke 200mph.
Doesn't list the bmw1000 anywhere and the beamer it does list is the K1200S
which is now actually a K1300S as well as a Ducati 1098...which is now a 1198. ???

Top 10 fastest production bikes | Top 10 Things
THis list says the busa is 1340, then shows a picture of a GEN I and claims
the horsepower at 197hp @ 6750RPM :rofl: and a top speed of....wait for it...248mph :rofl:

Top 10 fastest production bikes | Top 10 Things
This is a duplicate of the 2nd list with updated pictures...

I assume your not really serious :laugh:

Speed King

In outright performance the K1300S is a step behind a ZX-14 and Hayabusa, but might walk over an FJR1300 or Kawasaki Concours. But, it makes up a lot of room when considering quality and balance. A true two-wheeled jack-of-all-trades, there isn't much the new K1300S can't do. Be it high-speed blasts, commuting, 1000-mile two-up touring, track days, quarter mile drags or just bike nights, this cruise-missile has got the goods.


The Pessimistic Optimist
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The K1300 can't do anything as well as the busa does for thousands more...I'll pass.

It's a nice bike but pay a LOT more for less.


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After reading those articles,.........I realized that "crack babies" are still being born everyday!!:laugh:
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