Top speed you have achieved on your stock busa?


Whats the max speed you have taken your stock busa upto? I know there are people who do all kinds of mods to make em faster but what about stock? How far did you guys push it upto? 180 mph +


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Fast, really fast, pretty much to fast but to do on the Autobahn
I used a TRE , 8 mile straight road, some tail wind, slight downhill grades ,perfectly clear day with people blocking both ends of the straight , on my stock 03 Busa in 03.
Wish I'd gotten a photo of that GPS readout.
Not really the smartest thing I ever did, but had to try once.


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completly stock, 03 Busa I had it pegged out on the speedo. Dont know actual speed though, just got a gps for chritmas so this summer I will know for sure.


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Need some photos of GPS showing the speed on this thread. Any one can say the did such and such speed but the proof is in the pudding or the GPS in this case, and yes you can fake a photo. Also remeber your speedo LIES!!!

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Speedo indicated 170 and gulp, I decided enough is enough, still had more left even at this altitude though!
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