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Had to cancel last nights radar run to windy My friend went out with his ZX9 and ran 170 the other day That sounds alittle high so we are going to check the calibration of the gun Before I go we want to get some video cameras and video the radar gun and me going by I will post when I get it done I would like to break 200 MPH I have a two brothers exhaust so far .... I want to do the small air mod to my airbox any help with how would be great a K&N air filter and a power commander 2 round out the list of wants I also would like to do the pair valve block off and the TRE thing any info on those are they bad good problems with doing that to your bike (I dont want it to blow up ) would be great Thanks guys

If you want to do wheelies a TRE is good I hear. But from everything I have read on the drag sites, they all say dont do it. It slows your quarter mile times down.


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Be careful & have fun. Don't want to bust your bubble but you will not see 200mph, and especially with out the TRE "thing" you could pull in the 180's. I would agree with you on the gun, if you saw 170 on a zx9 on a windy day the calibration is off.
no he was out on a good day that is what they had on radar how come guiness advertises the busa as a 198 MPH bike in stock trim 1999 or 2000 worlds fastest sport production motorcycle 198 mph I know my speedo is off but i pull up over 180 -185 even with my girlfriend on
When my '01 is was still stock I decided to "top it out". I had my Garmin EMap in the map pocket of my tank bag. Rowed through the gears, pulled hard throughout 5th gear, shifted into 6th. When it reached an indicated 182 (approx.) it...well, it just stopped accelerating. I thought "this must be the  limiter", and rolled off. Pulled over and looked at the MAX SPEED in Trip Information: 165.8.

I installed a Yellow Box to correct the speedometer error, and tried again. Result: 183.4 on the GPS (and on the speedo), a new personal best.

I recently installed an ATRE, and am going out today with several friends to see what it will do now.

So can someone tell me what the deal is with guiness book and all of the other stuff I have read I can pull well over 180 in 5th gear I read 192 in 5th is possible maybe that was only on the speedo dont know but still I thouhgt they where off plus or minus not always minus I know my 1100 GSXR ran well over 160 actual so this Busa better do alot better than that with better aero and 30 more HP stock
no he was out on a good day that is what they had on radar how come guiness advertises the busa as a 198 MPH bike in stock trim 1999 or 2000 worlds fastest sport production motorcycle 198 mph I know my speedo is off but i pull up over 180 -185 even with my girlfriend on[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

Performance bikes mag in Britain did a 2 up test on an unrestricted 'Busa.... 177 was the top speed.  (a world record apparently... or at least a record in Britain) was the best it could pull.  It ran 196 solo.. all this was on a calibrated radar gun.  The indicated speed was a lot higher (185 mph).  The coolest part was the 1/4 mile... the bike only slowed .4 seconds with a passenger.
Has anyone else been that fast with a person on back maybe I should go for a world record the only complaint she had was her helmet started to open at 180 on speedo so lets take the ave of what I have heard speedos are off by and figure I was running 160 - 165 and that was 5th gear I didnt hit rev limiter yet was still pulling LOL I wasted my friends GSXR1100 and a ZX9 that where riding with me 1100 hit rev limiter
Does anyone have any advice on how to use a GPS to test my speed do they do it auto or is there some math involved I really want to see how fast it will go and up here in Maine there is alot of interstate with no one on it (if you go up north alittle ways) My friend has a radar gun but I would like to get an accurate reading ....


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What type of GPS? You should have a menu that allows actual spped, Max speed per trip, hours traveled, average spped per trip etc. Depends on your unit, but they should all have most of what you need with out calcs.
I havent bought one yet any reccomendations etc I dont want to spend big bucks but something accurate no frills I am only going to use it a couple of times
Garmin makes a couple, as does Magellan. I bought one a few years ago with my Amex card just to check it out. I returned it a few days later, no q's asked. Just be sure not to scratch it or you'll be out a couple of Benny's.
I ahve been in training in RI for a week god I miss my Busa oh yah my girlfriend alilttle too LOL I still want to try a top speed run will let you know when i do
OK the time is close I think it will be thursaday night I cant wait I will try to let you know what I find havent bought a GPS yet but I am looking





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Make sure that on your stock Busa you do not have any winds. Once you start rolling 180 + with any winds you could be lifted.
Could be lifted how what changes should I make to assure this does not happen . Has this been a problem with the stock Busa I am an adrenalilne junky not suicidal LOL thanx Ninja

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