Top Speed 250+

My name is John Smith.
I have gone 301 MPH! on my busa on the LA freeway and
the police are looking for me.  But please don't tell them it was me.  Thanks.
I live at:
1234 Eneewhere Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
my phone number is:
if you'd like an interview
There was a special on the Discovery Channel recently, called "Motorcycle Lightning". A fellow from California, John Noonan set a land speed record on the Hayabusa for it's particular class on the Bonneville Salt Flats at 246 mph on a turbo busa. I think he said it dyno'd at 460 horsepower at the rear wheel.
hey,... no kidding.. 867-5309 is a local call from my house... strange but true.

the area code here is 276 if any of you doubt me. I'm sure none of you do.. but hey.. maybe you feel fiendish and curious as to if a jenny actually does live there.. hmmm. I'll let you find out for yourselves.
I think Ninja eater has hit over 220MPH:cool:
No, I would like to say i have gone 220mph.  Bike will do it, however 206mph on GPS which is 220mph on the speedometer.

John Noonan has gone 245mph @ Bonniville.
When I watched that I thought that was one of the guys on our site. Wasn't it Cache that built the the salt flat bike???