Top 10 bike loading fails

Someone needs more fingers to count on :laugh:

I LOVE the ones that feel they need a 30 ft running start :rofl::banghead:
Makes me shake my head when I see people who actually "think" that it's a good idea......

But makes for a funny video!! :laugh:
Of course, dropping your buddy's *spanking new* bike in front of all his friends that he so graciously is letting you ride also counts pretty high on the fail list, eh? :whistle:
Some of those I wonder what the people were thinking? Going up a ramp at 10+mph, pickup beds are slick! LOL

How many of those started with "hold my beer and watch this"?
Wow, did you catch the 5th one? The guy loading it knocks himself out stiff, then the big guy runs around the truck to check the bike... doh! :banghead: