Took the Plunge


Finally will be making my first "real" mod. Just ordered a set of D&D bolt ons, blk satin, should look nice.
I no I sould probably go with a full system, but, I just want a little more growl to wake the neighbors. I cant handle the hp's as it is.
I ordered from They seemed to be about $40 cheaper then everyone else.
Has anyone had any dealings with them? Also, is anyone running the D&D's.
I appreciate any input, I'm still a newbie to the busa.
I did the samething, just cans. Love the sound still plenty of power for now.
Me too, the D&D's.
They sound very growley, turn heads all the time.
I'm considering a change to the Hindle 2 step header and single can for more hp's and weight savings right now though.
Is it as easy as just unbolting the stock cans and bolting the new ones on, or are there any tricks. Do the D&D's come with the mount under the passenger pegs or do I need to fabricate something. Sorry about my ignorance.
The D&D's should have the mounting hardware included. IT would be strap, that you have to put rubber spacer on. Be careful, that strap is sharp.

Stealth, the one and only.
You'll like 'em.... everyone I've known with D&D cans has been extremely pleased. Won't measure up to mine, though...........
Hey all, the D&D's arrived today and it took me about 10 minutes to install. They sound great and I haven't noticed any reasons for re-mapping. They look awesome also, as soon as I figure how to post pics without a digi cam I'll do so.
Hey Monster , Are you going to sell your D&Ds ? If so what color , how old , & how much ?
has anyone tryed the HMF system my local shop said you will get 13hp at the wheel no problem. for about 1,100 buck's