took some pics for the pic hoes


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we have 3 of them running around town my buddy thought he could race one with his gran prix gtp it was sad kinda like a busa and a moped my buddy got spanked somthing severe


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Nice vehicles! Reminded me of the old "two wheels on the curb oil changes" from my teenage years. Sorry, just reminiscing.
yeah its a blast to drive, although i liked my STi better.  i got this one because i liked the color and had a matching dakota r/t. i think im going to sell it though and get another STi.
(BigBSBusa @ Sep. 10 2006,21:06) Looks nice!  Was gonna ask how you like the EVO, but you answered that.
the evo is a great car. it has plenty of power. just a little less than the sti. the only thing i like the on the evo more than the sti is 1. evo comes in yellow which i like, and 2. the evo's suspension is a good bit softer than the sti. i can take a long distance trip in the evo and my back will be fine, but driving the sti is like riding a rigid chopper. its stiff as hell. (although it can take a 25mph curve at over 80mph with the tires squeeling their azzes off, not brave enough to try it in the evo) im constantly bouncing up and down in my seat going down the freeway in the sti.

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