Too many posts


11 posts opinon means next to nothing.....maybe....luv you guy's and gal's on this site..
Hayabusa Rules the road..just to much fun when a car want's to play..CYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thnx Captain..for adding Fabusa..
and Kawmuncher..hows the turbo doin'...did ya lose any bottom end or midrange power..what rpms does the boost start to build..
There's certainly a lot of love here...

I'm cool with that, but you stay on your bike and I'll stay on mine!!!

Exception: "LO BUSA"
Just noticed the date of Faski's original post... never mind Faski.... eheehehehehehehehehee

Just noticed the date of Faski's original post...  never mind Faski....   eheehehehehehehehehee

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long live the old, meaningful posts...

RE: Meaningless posts... no such thing. Every post is made by a loving Member that is ready to jump at the chance to help someone in need, or make someone feel comfortable. I, on the other hand, only believe in two items to be here:
1) Post - a statement made by a member to coincide and accomodate a prior statement/question..
2) Post-post - a remark made just like everyday jesture, ie: "how you doin?"; "okay, how you doin?"; "you talkin to me?"; "Yeah, so, how you doin?"... and so on.

Nothing here is not taken other than serious unless you are:
a flagrant ahole from another site that just wants to start trouble,
a non-member,
a stupid kid from the block with no idea,
you get the point....

P.S. - BTW, nothing is anything but not pointless without the biggest whore of them all... sympathies to the absent Kerberos... we could use some guidance! Jeez!

P.P.S. - You can see the obvious relativity in this post. It does have medicinal value, if not just good humor.

"Hollah, if ya hear meh!"