Today's gas and carbs are lousy combination!


In addition to my GenII Busa, I have a 1997 ZX-11. I don't ride the ZX-11 much and on the rare ocasion I want to ride it, the crappy gas has left a residue in the carbs which makes it spit and stumble for the first 40-50 miles, if I start and ride it at least every other month. If the ZX-11 sits for longer than 2 -3 months, the carbs need to be recleaned. Whever I shut the bike off, I turn off the valve on the tank and run the carbs dry. I have been using Stabil in the gas without any improvement. The bike has always been tempermental after sitting for a few weeks since it was new but it has gotten ridiculous.

My Busa sits all winter, 6 months. Put a charged battery in it, fires up after a few seconds of cranking the engine and fires up very time and rides great from the deep sleep. Fuel injection rocks!!!!

You are correct. I just repaired a set of carbs on a 78 gs400. I pulled them down to bare hulls, chemtooled, and reassembled clean. clean new lines and filter. Cleaned tank,fresh gas with seafoam and rode for 1 hour to test. I pulled bowl today and it looks like they did before I started..Gas is for sure ****, and bet the seafoam is eating any left overs up :rofl: