Today's chili ride

Met up with a few guys this morning for a ride north..little chili ( around 50 ) but nice and sunny. Aprox. 45 min into the ride, on one of our favorite roads in BFE, apparently the police had cleared up all the crime in the tampabay area and decided that more important than patrolling the most busy and accident prone roads in the area, would be to pull over a few sportbikes 50 miles from nowhere in the middle of the woods where you might pass 10 cars all day at 9:30 on a sunday morning. They had about 5 of them pulled over when we passed.

I know several cops who ride in that area speeding around with the rest of us, I was kind of hoping one was with that group.

Then coming home on the interstate an hour later, 2 FHP cars pull over our group, DAMN NEAR smashing into B-Sting and I. They pretty much ran us off the road. What was the dire emergency?
? To give 2 of our guys warnings about their tags not being horizontal. They were the swingarm type in plain view.



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Sounds like it was warmer up here!! But you don't have to worry about gravel on the road from the previous weeks snowstorm...
Looks like a lot of fun!!


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Still a better ride than a lot of folks are gettin'.  Nice pics!

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Ain't worth the effort/risk to warn of a display...Still looks like you guys had a good ride...


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So, homemade chili or did ya go somewhere and get it? Some good ol' homemade chili sure would be good on a cold night like tonight.
Oh wait, you meant chilly!
I was waitin' for the part about lunch. Can ya tell I didn't get a lunch break yet today?


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Good pics. You both need to get to the track! Then you can lean like a mad dog!

Believe it or not, those people living on those roads call the cops on us bikers. Some even throw sand on the corners or wet them down right before we go by.

There's even one crazy mo-fo that waits in his truck for bikes and will try to run them off the road. He has been arrested several times from what I hear. But it doesn't stop him.

Those crazy Floridians!
Todays ride.......well.......was good considering no tickets or crashes...but the cops were good time rediculous. Hiding in bushes....almost running us off the insterstate doing 70 mph..... Just because the ####### couldnt read the tag. WOW!!! CALL 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have an unreadable tag....jesus man....get a life.

I'm not speaking anymore, here are my pics..
We also went riding but this afternoon. We rode over to Tarpon Springs and then down to Tierra Verde to drop my daughter off at her Mom's. Here are a few pics.

After dropping her off, we rode across the Skyway bridge and across no-man's-land in the dark after stopping here at the Circle K for some Hot Chocolate. Steve's R1 tells the temp of incoming air, he said it read 55. That's a bit cool for us Florida folks but we're not complaining.

hehehehe, yep, what diesel said...heheh

I'll just link to my pics, I got some reeaall good ones, well it WAS interesting today, eh?-EZ

and there is a link on the home page to the QS&L stuff from today, including a real good look at dave's cf turbo busa
Good #### man, I have to learn that no handed picture taking skill. What do you do? shove the cam inside your jacket when needed?

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