To wing or not to wing?


Just bolted up a full Micron system last week and I am curious what people do about the small rear under-wing before the rear tire. Obviously it was meant to be used with 2 can set-up like stock but I have gone to a single can. It now looks fine on the can side but looks a little odd on the non-can side. I want to keep the wing if I can convince myself that it looks ok.

What do you guys think, what did you do? It would be cool if there was an aftermarket wing that was designed for only one can. Is there such a thing?

Post pics if you got 'em.
Thinker Has an answer for you I think...  Called a Tiger Tail?:super:  Or something like that?  Polished little doo-hickey looks pretty cool...

Here's a link, not Thinkers but a good link in the thread

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The Tiger Wing is still desgined for 2 cans though I think. I wonder what it looks like on the non-can side? Wonder if I could copy it and extend the wing on the non-can side to take up the space where the second mid-pipe used to be. That is what I am referring to. Know what I mean?
I bet Schnitz have addressed this, give em a call...
I went to a single exhaust and installed the tiger wing of course I polished it first...I think it looks good without the pipe...It may look more noticeable to you because now you can see the whole left side...