To shield or not to shield


Hi all,

In an attempt to reduce heat transfer from the turbo to the oil and cooling system, especially when in traffic, I’m looking at doing a full wrap job on the exhaust.

I have a Thermo Tec kit that does the headers, dump pipe and blanket for the turbine section.

What I’m worried about is this:
The Garrett T28 ball bearing turbo has fittings for water cooling. Most people don’t seem to use the option and it doesn’t appear to cause any probs. I assume having a lot of air movement around the turbo helps a lot.
If I wrap the system from top to bottom, will I trap enough heat to cook off the oil or damage the bearings?

There seems to be a lot of turbo experience out there and any suggestions would be welcome.




Can't exactly help with the heatwrap but i have HPC coated headers,turbo,and pipe .made a noticeable difference to the radiated heat.
Ii used to run water thru the 28r but the cooling system would puke after a fast ride followed by idling, when the waterflow couldn't stop hot pockets in the turbo housing , in the end i removed the water from the turbo and solved the problem , bit of a relieve as i was starting to think i had a gasket problem


as far as i know, the watercooling is not used on bikes namely because in a car, they have no real way to cool themselves.

as far as the oil getting cooked....well, i wouldn't THINK it would. i mean, turboes are designed specifically to take a lot of heat. and there are guys running huge amounts of power out of turbos with BB center sections, cars, bikes... and tehy are ok. i dont think that the header wrap will give you enough insulation anyways to worry about that. my full exhaust was wrapped and it would radiate heat like a mofo.

header wrap will help keep the heat in the pipes, where it belongs. but it will not keep all of it and i think your 28r will be fine. may wait for a few more responses (never hurts to get more advice).


don't wrap it if your having a oil problem put a scavenger on it.i really like having the turbo out in the open like it is excellent cooling for it.


(buzard @ Sep. 24 2006,09:10) wrap it. it will increase the turbo efficiency and reduce radiant heat.
wrapped turbos are prone to cracking do to the excessive heat.wrapping it is for drag bikes ect...but hey it's your money do what you think is right.


that would be why auto racers and high dollar vehicles come with shield and wraps
. the shield covers the exhaust side only. a non stainless header may rust with the wrap. but i have NEVER heard of a cover on the exhaust side of the turbo causing cracks. please show me some documentation on this problem. i am always learn willing to change my opinion if there is documentation. turbos like heat. turbos benefit from heat.

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