to ride with or without leathers !


Came across this site whilst looking for a tank pad. Its a guy telling his storey ( with pictures ) after falling off with only shorts and a t-shirt.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying anyone should or should not wear leathers. Just thought some might be interested in this.
people may whine, but reality is something we should never live in denile of. there's a reason they're called "ACCIDENTs" and not "ON PURPOSEs". the difference tween heaven and hell could be a mere $300 of leather

There. :)

It's so easy to mentally justify also. Just tell yourself you live in a society where everyone cares about each other enough to enforce laws that MAKE you wear leathers in order to own a motorcycle.... like teh driving test... or the vision test... Sure, it's not real and laws like that should not exist... but WHAT IF??? It's ALLLLLL in preception, reality, and perspective. Is your helmet half empty or half full?? ;)
Pretty good stuff... I mean from a lessons learned standpoint...
Maybe we can't all afford leathers. Or maybe we ride in a stste where leathers are to hot. Perhaps some of us think that there are alternatives to leather that work as well or better.

And of course there are those of us who are blessed by god...or gods and feel that divine intervention is all the protection they need. Some of us may be too smart to wear leathers.

And maybe, just maybe some of us are just smart asses.

I would really like to have a set of leathers but I have a problem. Where can I get a pair for a vertically challenged individual like myself? I'm only 5'4" and am not very little. I had to buy Large rainsuit pants which are extremely long but they are over clothes. Leather pants on the other hand would need to be custom made? Does such a place exist and how much more than $300 would they cost?
well, pfffftt! :p Leathers don't HAFTA mean 'Leathers' per say... ya know, like there's those OTHER materials too like cordoroy or playtex or kemlawn or whatever they are that breath and are even stronger than leathers. point is, protection IS more important on a bike. I avoided leathers for a while but found a full set for $300 and decided I was worth that. :)

As for the weight/height thang, I'm sure one of those better company's would be glad to take your money and custom design something that fits perfectly. :) Give'em a call.
here's a quick google find:
As for finding leathers for shorter people --- Vansons (from can be bought at smaller sizes, then bring it them to someone for alterations.  I brought mine to the local shoe repair guy who also does leather.  He did a great job for $35.
As for the graphic pics. They remind me of the drivers ed. videos shown in high schools -- a good waker upper, thanks.
:rant: okay, now here is another problem with finding leathers.  i am 6'5 240 lbs, and although i have found a few options online that might fit, i'm sure not going to buy anything before i try it on, especially when i am going to spend close to $500.  is there anywhere i can go to try these on that would have a size that fits me, or am just going to have to spend the money and hope for the best.  i have also been looking for boots, and apperently they don't come in anything above a size 13, this also is a problem because i am size 14 or 50 euro, haven't found even one pair that would work in sport boots.  so again, does anyone know of a place to find these, that i can go try things on? just curious


For centurys, women have been buying clothes mailorder, trying them on and returning for a different size. Being male, I am unfamiliar with this secretive practice, but there must be a decent system involved seeing how girls like to shop A LOT. Might be some minor shipping fees involved but you should be able to get what you want. I ordered mine from thru a local cycle shop and tried them on right there.

Boots: the pros here will dog me, but I get my boots from Payless Shoestore - steel toe, over the ankle, $25 - $30 :) They come in all kinds of sizes. Better than NOTHING if you aren't wearing boots now.... of course, they don't L00K as cool ;) Good luck!
Wow...very graphic pics...and he had to be in so much pain...

This might be good for my hubby to see; he's one of those that rides in shorts and t-shirts, and claims that his flimsy Converse "Chucks" are the best for riding...I'm always telling him that none of that will save him...

Having said that, I don't wear full gear either, so who am I to point fingers...still wearing jeans...always wearing a leather coat and full-face helmet though...
Jeans shred like cotton gause. A buddy of mine went down at 20 mph or so, and the jeans were almost completely worthless. Anymore, I am so used to leather coat, I feel VERY NAKED and unsafe without it. Lately, I'm trying to brainwash myself into ALWAYS using the pants too - just gotta plan ahead a little more, like carring pants to the office.

It's good to see so many people interested in pursuing leather.
Afterall, it looks pretty cool too! Not to mention the 'fetish' aspects... ;)
I definitely use a full face helmet and a jacket, but no pants (Leather) just jeans. Does anyone have experience with Draggin Jeans? Let me know. I'm definitely thinking about leathers now! :sad:
No experience with the Draggin Jeans directly but if you read the print, they are only reinforced in CERTAIN SPOTS like knees and butt, not everywhere. I considered them, then went leather. :)
OK I may catch heat for this but, I have personally witness two buddies go down.  One at 80 one at about 65.  Both wearing high quality leather jackets, High quality helmets and gloves and freakin jeans.  In both cases they were completely uninjured except for a few spots of roadrash on their legs...Minor rash at that.  Your results may vary widely though.
  As for the Draggin jeans, my Bro wears them allmost exclusively and has had one slow speed get off that did no damage. They look comfy and have held up pretty well.
 Personally I think jeans are the minimum, sorta like riding in a JR Phoenix jacket, better than a t-shirt but not something to count on if riding hard.  I think leather pants and proper riding boots are probably the most neglected pieces of riding gear out there.  I think we all need to probably work on that...

I would say however that Both of my buddies when they crashed would have destroyed their hands if it weren't for the good racing gloves they were wearing.  The gloves in both cases looked about destroyed but protected their hands without a scratch. So my list of critical gear is as follows:

1. High Quality Helmet, Save your beans and get an Arai, Shoei, or some other High end, race proven helmet.  Not the $100 special out on the sales floor, besides the good ones work better day to day...  If you have a $10 head wear a $10 helmet.

2. Quality gloves, took me a couple of months after getting the Busa to finally get a pair I trust, Look for Kevlar stitching, multiple layers in critical areas like palms, and around your pinky, and a really good retention system, some way to ensure that no matter what they are not coming off without your help.  Hands are full of nerves and are important tools for living, protect them...

3. Quality leather Jacket.  I mean Body armor (CE approved), usually dual density with a harder outter shell.  Make sure it fits kinda snug, or nothing will stay in place in a crash.  Get a full perforated leather if you are in hot humid climates, my experiance they seem to work about as well as the JR Phoenix.  

4. Riding boots, (I'm guilty here) but I feel boots with some kinda ankle protection would be best, I would avoid steel toes though, you want something that will absorb an impact without deforming, trapping you in your boots.  I still need to find some, looking at SIDI and Alpinestar...  I still wear my Corcoran Jump boots from the military...Zero padding in the ankles but a tough boot over all...

5. Finally leather riding pants, I would think armor in the knees and hips as a minimum, if you know you are not going to be draggin knees try to find some without the pucks.  Again I am guilty here, though I found some really heavy Pants from JNCO that are well put together, still not much use at 150...  I still don't know much about the pants, anyone know who makes good useful riding pants?  Roadcrafter have anything?

OK I am done with my little Rant here, sorry folks...
I wear full leather jeans and jacket 2 piece suite with CE armour, leather gloves, proper boots and helmet ALWAYS. I just would not feel safe without.

That's just me.
If I was wearing my leather pants, I wouldn't have had 15 stitches in my left knee. Was wearing full faced helmet, riding jacket, gloves and boots. Only thing wrong with me was the knee. I won't ever get back on it without my full leathers on.
I wear full leather jeans and jacket 2 piece suite with CE armour, leather gloves, proper boots and helmet ALWAYS. I just would not feel safe without.

That's just me.
Seems as though wearing the proper gear is much more common on the other side of the pond. I thnk there is still a large number of "bikers" inthe States who feel that they are too cool for leathers... That it just isn't the in thing to do...
Whatever the reasons I have yet to see a single person out riding who was wearing all the gear. Part of this I am sure has to do with the 95deg F and 95% humidity but I think a lot of it still has to do with some imagined "cool" factor.
I have seen an increase in helmet usage though among the sport bike crowd anyway. Allmost every Harley "Tough Guy" I see out there is still busy doing the organ donor thing.
This of course reminds me that I really need to go get some proper riding pants and boots...