TNT in Tulsa tonight


Going to Tulsa tonight, been working all week on the new Busa, I have it lowered, Strapped, clutch mod, -1 front sprocket, and Air Shifter from Cycle-tek. hopefully it will be quick with a stock look.

Have fun, I wish I had time (and $$)  to come up and check it out. Let us know how it goes!

Who is riding it the 25th? You coming down to T&T the 24th?
We had a good time at Tulsa. My best pass was a 10.15 at 135 MPH. with a 1.69 60'. i had taking it a little easy on the launch do to almost dropping it on the previous pass by smoking the tire and having it kick out on me. My last pass i had a great launch with the front wheel hovering above the ground and when i hit the air shifter it went to neutral. 1.70 60' but i was in full throttle going by the Tree. coulda been a great pass.

We had a nick in the O ring of the air shifter bottle so when we installed it we lost alot of the CO2 but with the heat the CO2 was pressurized giving us a false reading. the bottle was out of air on the last pass i made causing the neutral shift.

We believe we can get the bike in the 9's with a good launch.

Professor, My brother will be riding the bike in the Street E.T. class on the 25th and we don't have the funds to go down on the 24th. I will be riding the slow but consistant zx9r in Street and my normal Super Gas class on the Drag Bike
Looks like you have it on the right path. Let me know if I can help you out. I've usually got a spare C02 bottle in the truck.

Consistant is right. It won you the race last month. Actually you won on both bikes!
I know that is not an easy task!