Has anyone run the shinko r 003s?

these seem to be on sale for "end of season" $200 for a set

seems enticing but not sure why they are so cheap for a set?

I like the 200-50-17 idea though!

Anyone got an opinion on these, how long they last, etc?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts


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i ran them for years,when i lived at the dragstrip,they were yokahoma then,they were a average street tire then,and still are now

they are great for the dragstrip,very sticky,but also very heavy,forget the 200 that is a 'show' only size

i don't trust them at speed (i had some issues with a new front several years ago) never used them after that

bto 14's are only a few dollars more,i think i paid 230.00 tmd 120/190,they work very well for me,i like them so much,that when the 12 needs tires,it will be getting 14's also
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