Have been riding Suzuki's for 15 years, just bought my first Busa an 05'. I am looking for a set of good sticky street/track tires. I am looking @ a set of Pirelli Diablo Super Sports. Any suggestions?


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Great tire as is the Corsa3..

I am currently running the Bridgestone BT002RS and pretty happy with that move.. (and not that pricey either)


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:welcome: to the org. I have the Pirelli Diablo Super sports on my 1000 and have had good luck with them on it but have only got to ride them on the street so far, and have had good luck with the bt-015 on my busa. just my 2 cents.

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Shinko 003 Stealth front and back:bowdown: If you like to get a lil crazy and not worried about mileage go with the 003 U-Soft Rear. I run the 008 Slick Rear... cheap and it works.
Hello all i am streetfighting an xj 600s and i was looking forward using a busa swing arm cause it is longer than standard swing arms... My question is what is the biggest tyre width that can be fitted on a standard busa swing arm!?!?!?
Did you see that 2 of the posters in this thread joined about 5½ - 5¾ years ago and these are their first posts? ???

Sorry - I couldn't help but notice that and that they didn't say where they were from. :whistle::whistle::whistle:
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